Wildcard-Support für Commandline - Problem

Begonnen von Sparky, Oktober 11, 2011, 23:26:31

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I am a new TSDoctor user and so far I am very satisfied with the product and consider it money well spent. I was happy to see the new wildcard-commandline feature in the latest update and tested it last night.
tsdoctor.exe Sourcepath\*.ts AUTOFIX Targetpath\

The first ts-file was processed successfully (checked and fixed) and the ts-fixed file landed in the target directory. However all subsequent ts-files were only checked, no fixing took place.
I tested all files in manual mode and they converted without problems.

I assume the following:
1) The parameter setting was O.K. because the first file was processed correctly.
2) Somehow the AUTOFIX flag was then altered as the subsequent files were only checked but not fixed.

Has anyone used this feature? Any suggestions?